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Another week,Another disaster!

Ok so it's time for me to throw my two cents in again.
This week has been quite boring, but I was glad to see Harold decide to stay in the street. The Lolly in the pool storyline was over in what it seemed to be 3 minuits! I personally was annoyed that Dione blamed herself when it was that stupid dog's fault, I say Ramsay Street watch out the dog of evils about!
I fear the Hancocks are n't been given the good stoys they *deserve*, I mean Emily's forever losing things and Evan is always piss'in Susan off, Stop me if i'm wrong but is n't he meant to be a Maths teacher? Not Science as well? Another thing this week is Lyn, all she's been doing is flying around like a fool in between Flick and Steph, oh I rememberd she arsed about on a bike!
Stay tuned for more!!!!

Lolly<not dead>



Dee! Don't blame Thee.

I was annoyed that Dione felt she had to blame herself!


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